Samasodu Village

samasoduThe village of Samasodu is located north of the capital, Honiara, and is only accessible via a 22 hour boat trip that is only available on a fortnightly basis. The village has a population survive on subsistence agriculture and fishing. The village is in a stable socio/political environment.

The Solomon Islands Community Health and Development Project was formed in 2004. We conducted our first project in the Solomon Islands during 2006.


This project involved 27 volunteers who travelled to the remote village of Samasodu to build a much needed medical clinic. This initial project totalled over $400,000 in costs with all monies raised through sponsorship, donations and fundraising. Through this initial project we were able to establish a first class medical facility. This clinic has saved and enriched the lives of the people of Samasodu and surrounding district.


In 2008 approximately 25 volunteers returned to the village of Samasodu. A building project was carried out which provided more medical assistance,. This focussed on providing sanitation, toilets, and electricity to the village school. An education program was also conducted in the school.


In 2010 a team of 30 volunteers again travelled to Samasodu Village to build housing for the two nurses that now reside in the village. This project totalled in excess of $400,000 which was raised through sponsorship, donations and charity events.


In 2012, a team of 30 volunteers returned to Samasodu Village. The village population has grown from around 500 people in 2006 to well over 1000 people now. This is largely because of the quality medical infrastructure that we have been able to build over the last 6 years. The 2012 team focused on laying over 3 kms of pipe to provide clean drinking water for the village. The team also included several nurses, one specialising in training midwives. These nurses ran a training program for around 50 health workers from the surrounding districts.

The Solomon Island’s Ministry of Health supports our project and has a long-term commitment to provide nursing services to the Samasodu Clinic. In addition, our mission team pledges ongoing support to the village of Samasodu over the next ten years for building maintenance and medical supplies.

The clinic also services many nearby islands and a greater population of over 5000 people. Two nurses service the clinic and live within the village. The only doctors are available at Honiara. Over 2 babies a week are born in the clinic. Injuries such as amputations, tropical disease infections, gangrene, spinal damage, and many other serious injuries are treated at the clinic. In addition, dozens of people are treated for malaria and other infections on a daily basis.

We are looking for sponsors for the next building project scheduled in 2014, with all money/items donated being used directly on the aforementioned projects.

All donations are tax-deductable and can be made at any bank. No monetary donations will be used for any administrative purposes.

Solomon Islands Community Health and Development Project
Account Name: Reformed Church of Gosford Trust Fund
Bank Details: St George Bank
BSB: 112-879
Account No: 429 768 573The Reformed Church of Gosford Trust Fund has been endorsed as a Tax Concession Charity and Deductable Gift by the Australian Tax Office as of the 15 September, 2008 (ABN: 73 978 624 436).

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