Media Coverage

Exotic Cars

Television and Press Coverage of our previous Drive Day Events

NBN TV News – 2013

5 August 2013 (See Video Here)

National Ten Network TV News – 2012

NBN TV News 18 September 2012
Follow Link to NBN Web Site

Express Advocate 13 June 2012
Car Day Press Coverage 2012a

Express Advocate 30 March 2012
Golf Day Press Coverage 2012b

Express Advocate 14 July 2012Samasodu_Press Coverage_2012

Express Advocate 17 August 2012Samasodu Water Press Release 2010

Express Advocate 31 October 2012Samasodu_press_coverage 2012_c

Press Coverage of the 2010 Event

Solomon Star 12 October 2010 (Click here to see original)
Solomon Star Article October 2012

Express Advocate 29 October 2010

Samasodu Press Release 2012b

Blue Light Magazine Summer 2010 to 2011

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