It’s time to restart those engines

exotic-cars Pencil Friday June 12th into your calendar because we you are invited to join us for our Fifth Year of the Exotic Car Experience Drive Day Charity Event. This year the Mansfield Family from the Tuggerah Lakes Local Area Command will be our special guests. Dave has been diagnosed with cancer and he is currently undergoing treatment. We hope to help make this another memorable day for the NSW Police Family. (Update) Unfortunately Dave’s health at this time means the Mansfield Family are unable to join us for this year’s event. Instead the family of Ally Sheehan will be our special guests on the day. Ally is a Police Officer at Tweed Heads who is also undergoing treatment for cancer. Please join us in supporting the families of both Dave and Ally as they face this challenge. Once again a very big thank you goes out to all those generous sponsors and individuals who donate their time and their vehicles. Their ongoing support makes this a very special day on the NSW Police Force calendar.

jaguar_logoporsche logolotus mercedesHi-tec-oils-logoPV_logo This year there are 8 Exotic Car Experience Drive Day Packages up for grabs and, as was the case last year, we will make them available for presale prior to the online auction. The package includes;

  • The opportunity for the successful bidders to drive a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430, Audi R8 and a selection of other exotic supercars from Lotus, Jaguar, Porsche and Mercedes Benz on a 5.1 km  private facility on the Central Coast.
  • The new Police Porsche 911, HSV GTS and Ford FPV will also be on hand for family members and guests to inspect and experience.
  • The Police Rescue Helicopter and Riot Squad will also be in attendance.
  • The drive day event takes place on  Friday the 12th June, 2015 between 8.30am and 4.30pm at a private facility on the Central Coast, NSW. You must be available to attend on this day.

  • Driving  will take place under the instruction of trained professional drivers.
  • The successful bidder may bring one partner/friend to the event who will also be given the opportunity to experience these cars whilst driven by a professional driver.
  • Highway Patrol Police from Tuggerah Lakes LAC will also be present with a variety of police vehicles for inspection and demonstration.
  • Successful  bidders may bring their children to the location as approved guests.
  • Morning Tea, Coffee and lunch will be provided for the successful bidders, their partner/friend and approved guests.
  • Successful bidders, partners/friends and approved guests will be required to sign a  ‘Release and waiver of Liability’ form on arrival at the event location.
  • Other high performance vehicles, super bikes, race cars and exotic cars will be present for the event and will be available for inspection and provide demonstrations. (Full details will be released once available)

All proceeds of this event will go to the Solomon Islands Community Health and Development Project – a registered charity approved by the ATO (ABN: 73 978 624 436).

Our plan is to build a high school in the remote village of Samasodu. At present there is only a primary school in the village. The nearest high school is 6 hours away on a boat and children must board at $3000 Solomon Dollars per year. As a result only about 20% of the children in the village go to high school.  A high school in the village of Samasodu will service around 10 nearby villages and provide the opportunity for a high school education to around 100 children each year.

There is one remaining package up for grabs. If you wish to negotiate a price please contact Chief Inspector Rod Peet at Wyong Police Station on (02) 43 566 099 or email Alternatively leave a comment and we will get in touch with you via email.


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