Last year was so successful we are doing it all over again

As you can see from this news report by the National Ten Network, last year’s Exotic Car Experience to raise money for the Rixon Family (see ABC News Coverage) and the Solomon Island’s outreach project was an overwhelming success story.

In fact it was successful we raised over $25,000. So, thanks to the generous contributions of our patrons, sponsors and helpers who provide, free of charge, the private track, the exotic cars and, of course, their expertise as professional driving instructors, we are back to do it again.

We are now in our Third Year of the Exotic Car Experience Drive Day Charity Event and things are going to be even bigger and better.

This year there are 8 Exotic Car Experience Drive Day Packages up for auction.

The event will be held on the 30th August, 2013 at a private facility on the Central Coast. The eight positions will be individually auctioned with the highest eight bidders obtaining the privilege of driving a range of exotic super cars that at the present time include Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi R8, HSV, FPV, Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

This year all proceeds of this event will go to the following charitable causes;

  • Bryson Anderson Memorial Fund – Bryson Anderson was a Detective Inspector was killed in a knife attack in Western Sydney in December last year. Funds raised will assist his wife three children.
  • Solomon Islands Community Health and Development Project – Chief Inspector PEET from Tuggerah Lakes LAC has been conducting projects in remote areas of the Solomon Islands for the last ten years. These projects build much needed medical infrastructure, such as clinics and housing for medical staff. Police from the Central Coast have been involved in these projects with over 110 self funded participants travelling to the Solomon Islands to assist with these building projects. Last year, September, 2012, a team of 30 people visited the remote village of Samasodu and provided medical assistance and installed clean drinking water infrastructure in the village. This is a registered charity approved by the ATO (ABN: 73 978 624 436).

For further information please contact Chief Inspector Rod Peet at Wyong Police Station on (02) 43 566 099 or email

Just like last year this is sure to be a day of big, big smiles.

A Big Day Out. Fantastic Cars. Fantastic Day


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